LINK Groups

LINK Groups (Currently Inactive)

What is a LINK Group?

It is a group of students who pledge to promote the LINK MIssion in their school: " provide experiences, opportunities and events that promote positive behaviors based on identified needs and focused on success in school and life, and to build community collaboration..."

LINK Group has no dues or grades requirements.  All students are invited to join.


Purpose: The purpose of each LINK Group is to build a positive school environment by promoting achievement, growth and development through student involvement at school and in the communitiy.

Benefits: The expected benefits of LINK are help for students to develop their full potentials and grow to be healthy, happy, responsible, productive members of the community; and a caring school climate where everyone is respected, youth are valued as resources and everyone's voice is heard.

Why: Students are an important part of the community now as well as in the future! The community, including students, belongs to everyone. Everyone should be invited to share the responsibility of making the community the best that it can be.  





 Now is the time for action. Let's all lend a hand!



1. To Lead students to experience opportunities, skills, relationships, values and self-perceptions promoted by the LINK Mission.

2. To Inspire students to become increasingly positive, self-confident and committed to growing and improving academic performance.

3. To Nurture students to honor differences among people at school and in the larger community, thereby promoting the Healthy Communities-Healthy Youth Initiative.

Lead, Inspire and Nurture Kids!





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