The Mission, Vision, and History of LINK

About Us

 LINK's Mission:

To provide the children and youth of Corinth and Alcorn County with experiences, opportunities, and events that promote positive behaviors based on identified needs and focused on success in school and life.  We also strive to build community collaboration in implementing our programs.


LINK's Vision: 

A healthy Corinth and Alcorn County that sustains the nurturing and well-being of our children and youth through deliberate community collaboration.


LINK's History:

LINK was founded in 2000 by Barbara Barrett, a concerned community member,  with the assistance, generosity, and support of: The CREATE Foundation, Kimberly-Clark and Caterpillar Corporations, the Alliance, and the Corinth and Alcorn County school systems.  In 2001, LINK completed a survey of our local 6th-12th grade students to determine the core strengths and needs of those students. 

LINK was incorporated in 2004. 





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